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Is your insulation costing you money? That might seem like an odd question, but in fact a poorly insulated house can cost you money on your home heating and cooling bills. Insulation that is out of date or fibreglass batt insulation that has come in contact with moisture is essentially ineffective. It is barely better than having no insulation at all. Often times an unfinished basement falls victim to moisture affected insulation as the vapour barrier can’t keep all the moisture out when it has holes from necessary staples or screws. Now what can you do about ineffective insulation? There are actually a number of things you can do to improve the insulation in your home.
Insulating your Unfinished Basement
If you are lucky your basement walls will still be unfinished so redoing your insulation will be a lot easier and much cheaper. In this case, using spray foam insulation. With spray foam you will be getting an air and moisture tight seal on your walls. Its application creates a seamless product which sticks firmly to the surfaces it is applied to. Spray foam starts as a liquid that dries instantly as it expands on the surface it is applied to. This type of application is by far the fastest of all of the insulation choices as well.
You could choose cellulose blown-in insulation. This could be the only option you have if your walls are already finished. At which point, a professional installer would drill access holes in your walls and blow cellulose insulation into the cavities between the wall joists. This type of insulation is very effective as a sound and air barrier. It is also fire retardant and repels mold and pests. If your walls are unfinished, you can still opt for blown-in cellulose. In order to achieve a result with this situation you will have to install a membrane over the walls, and slice access holes in order to insert the hose used to fill the cavities with insulation.
Re-insulating your Attic
Re-insulating your attic is also a significant area of your home to consider when heat loss is a concern. A poorly insulated attic can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year in home heating and cooling costs. Most homes have attics that were insulated to meet the building code requirements at the time of their construction. This could mean the R-value of your insulation is outdated. In other situations the insulation has become old or possibly been subjected to dampness from a poorly ventilated attic. In any of these scenarios your insulation needs to be replaced. Just as for your walls, you can choose from several options for attic insulation as well. Spray foam is far superior to other insulation methods used for your attic. The product is sprayed onto the inside area of the roof and it completely seals it off from any air infiltration. This will increase the R-value immediately. Some homeowners also go one-step further and add cellulose blown-in insulation on the floor of their attic to add an even high rate of insulation. Both of these options are fine on their own as well, and although they can be done as a do-it-yourself project, they are definitely projects that are better left to the professionals.


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